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The Favourite Dispatch Service

Posto Express is like the friendly colleague who is ever ready to lend a helping hand at your request. Posto Express is the service that you depend/turn to/rely on/ when you want something delivered from Point A to Point B without much of a hassle. Customers can use Posto Express to place a delivery order and have it picked up and delivered within a span of few hours.

Rider Requirements

To be a Posto Express Rider, one must take pride in delivering excellent customer service. Other than that, a Rider must be of 21 years of age, owns a motorcycle, valid driving license and most of all a positive attitude.

Deliver and Earn

Posto Express Riders pockets the lion share of the delivery fee and 100% of the the tip. Earnings are automatically deposited into Rider's account every 7 days. You can choose to make delivery for Posto Express whenever you like. We are currently operating in the Klang Valley area but expanding to new cities very soon!

Who can be a rider?

In short, anyone with a vehicle could be a Posto Express Rider. We welcome college students, despatch riders, office boys and even retirees to be a part of Posto Express Rider network. Individuals with customer centric mentality and owns a motorbike or car are most welcome to apply.

How to Apply

Do you have a motorcycle ? Apply today !

Submit Online Application

Fill in the forms and send your details online via 'Be A Rider' form.

Background Check

Applicants will be requested for necessary documents for approval

30 Minutes Orientation

Once Approved, riders will be invited for a mini workshop

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Start Earning

Download the PostoExpress app to start riding and earning


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